Devastation, Hatred, Enemies and Love

As a follower, my feelings can’t be the guide I rely upon. As a follower I must look to my teacher and find what He teaches is the response. I must accept that my creator, teacher and King of eternity has the answer.

Following in Silence

It’s been quiet on “Becoming a Follower.” Let me give you an explanation. Over the past few months I’ve been following and straying in silence. Silence, at least my “blogging voice” has been silent. Not silent in my conversation with others who are following also. I meet with other brothers that are following Jesus and … Continue reading Following in Silence

The Dark and Light of Ferguson

Originally posted on The Pondering Preacher:
We thought we were beyond this. We were supposed to be more civilized; more enlightened.  Race riots were supposed to be one of history’s artifacts, tucked away in the attic of time right between steam engines and leisure suits.  We thought we had buried the past. We were wrong.…