Rebels Without A “Call”

2 thoughts on “Rebels Without A “Call””

  1. God was the Shepherd; Moses was the sheepdog. Korah and gang were goats among sheep, though there’s no way to know what their motivation was and whether it was mere personal ambition or misunderstanding of the situation that they gambled incorrectly on. It would seem as though Dathan and Abiram were more certain in their accusations and rebellion, even though they received the same fate as Korah.

    It’s certainly sobering; the one who perhaps didn’t understand why God was seemingly “only” using Moses and Aaron but stepped up in that ignorance and the ones who had already set their minds that Moses and Aaron were leading them wrongly both share in the same condemnation.

    This is something I’m (slowly) realizing is an absolutely deadly tactic the enemy has used — and is still currently using. He’s been working overtime to ensure that some “ambition” their way into ministry spots so they can be seen by others as they are, then he’ll turn the tables and use those same mis-placed “ambitioners” as cause for others (who righteously desire genuine servants to lead) to step out of line and rise up against them.

    God is so good — in the midst of circumstances and enemy-induced confusion, He has stepped up and illuminated something I needed to see. Thank you for being faithful in your part so as to edify the body.

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