Social Media and the Self Absorbed

3 thoughts on “Social Media and the Self Absorbed”

  1. Seems that every new method of human interaction brings new opportunities for us to explore a preoccupation with ourselves. I don’t think that the sentiment is new… just the method of delivering the message. To borrow a sporting analogy, social media does not build character, it simply reveals it.

    This gives me pause to reflect on my own digital footprint… Good stuff, Tim.

    1. Thanks for the input Bill.
      I have also managed to dirty up the netosphere this morning with several quotes from a book I’ve been reading to help everyone else out…lol

      It’s not the activity, it’s the core of “why” we do what we do that is interesting.
      Personally, I’m trying to join others in the search and understanding of truly being a disciple of Jesus as opposed to only being a student of his literary work.

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