Why our god is too small to infiltrate our schools

One thought on “Why our god is too small to infiltrate our schools”

  1. Tim, Don’t have my blog up and running yet (I hope not) I’m still in freeze frame (I freeze every time time I go to hit publish) ha ha
    This post you wrote here reminded me of our old veterinarian in MI whose children (he had a lot of children too) went to Christian School. They went until I think 8th grade. Asked why he pulled them out in middle school and put them in public he said something to fact that they have had enough Christian education to know from school and church who their God and Jesus Christ their Savior is and keeping them in a Christian School now does not benefit them or God. They are needed in the main stream of public schools where they can represent God and become leaders for Christ. I always admired that.

    My Jake when he was very young would come home from school and tell me who is a christian and who is not. I’m talking 7 -8. I’d say “how do you know this?” He’d say “I asked them!” Very dignified like Why wouldn’t I ask them mom? If they said No to him he told them they better become one if they wanted to go to Heaven! My 7 yr old did not get that calling from me I called him my little Christian Soldier . I wrote a story about him I may post on my blog some day about that! Though from mouth of babes, I think he had the right intent.
    Miss you! Heidi

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