A Country In Distress

3 thoughts on “A Country In Distress”

  1. If the Church would wake up from it’s self-indulgent slumber and re-engage its communities, government would be (once again) freed from the responsibility of having to provide for people in need, thus taxes would (should) be lowered to reflect that. Currently the law provides that charitable giving is tax-deductible; perhaps someone needs to propose a bill that would give a person an actual tax credit (in addition to the deduction) for those who contribute directly to the well-being of those in their communities, as an upfront acknowledgement of this savings for the government.

    Taking care of people in one’s community — whether it be anonymously to those you don’t know or knowingly to those you’re great friends with — should be second nature for the Body. As the Lord has provided for you, so seek to provide for others as well.

    1. Jason,
      I agree that the Church must learn to re-engage communities. It would be nice if the government acknowledged giving in a similar way that you described, but it isn’t necessary.

      Disciples make other disciples. That would suggest (and I believe accurately) that the church is full of something other than people that were taught to be disciples.

      My posts are never made to “batter” the church, but rather to challenge it to wrestle with where we are and what the proper response of the Body is to be.

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. Well, since so many talk about desiring to have more to be able to give almost in the same breath as being dissatisfied with the level of taxation we’re under in this country, the suggested idea would eliminate both problems: too much work for government, too much taxation for the people, but the work still gets done.
        Agreed on the point about the church being full of something other than people taught to be disciples (and discipleRs)…that’s why discipleship has long been my focus. Lots of people saying “I’m Christian”; precious few making disciples of all nations.

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