The Blahs…

4 thoughts on “The Blahs…”

  1. I think we all experience the “blahs”. You hit the nail on the head with the social media part – it is easier to hit share than to actually do something about the issue. However, most of us don’t take the time to do something and we feel that letting other people know about the issue is enough. The more time we spend with people, serving them and loving them with the love of Christ, the less we feel the blahs. My recipe to get out of the blahs is to do something for someone else – to focus on someone other than yourself and your situations.

    1. You are right Shelly.
      I am finding that soul to soul time with others has really opened the door for me to learn more about being a Christian and seeing how ALIVE Jesus really is.
      I am convinced that the “missing ingredient” that most people are looking for that takes them from “believism” to an encounter with the Risen Jesus is spending time with others, asking Jesus to reveal Himself through others.

      Thanks for reading and having the courage to respond.

      1. We have become a society obsessed with communicating through the strokes of keys rather than face to face. There is so much we miss out on when we can see facial expressions and hear tone of voice. The early Christians grew the church by leaps and bounds without any of the technological advances we have today because they were focused on people and sharing Jesus with them – that was enough.

  2. In 100 A.D. there were as few as 25,000 Christians, by 310 A.D there were up to 20,000,000 Christians (quote from Forgotten Ways Handbook by Alan Hirsch credited to Rodney Stark in his book called The Rise of Christianity).

    According to history there were Christians who sold themselves in to slavery for the purpose of evangelizing other cultures (The Faith by Charles Colson).

    That was just one of their many devoted evangelical approaches.

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