There is nothing special about your “Christian” behavior…Part 2

One thought on “There is nothing special about your “Christian” behavior…Part 2”

  1. The concept of “fruit” is one that is repeated often in Scripture. Jesus emphasized it and illuminated our understanding of it in his statement “I am the vine.” Fruit is something that is produced naturally with the branches having no say whatever in the type of fruit born. Our role is to simply stay connected to Jesus…to have our very essence of life derived from Jesus. If we do this, we will produce MUCH fruit. The Father will prune us when necessary, as painful and unpleasant as we might find that pruning. If the branch ceases to derive its life, its essence, from the vine or the tree the branch is worthless and is thrown away.

    The fruit the branch bears glorifies the VINE (tree). When people enjoy the peach, they return to the tree again and again. When people enjoy the grape, the olive, the apple or any fruit, they return to the vine or the tree. Thus the fruit we are to bear makes Jesus shine…not us. If people come back to us, they should be asking for more Jesus. They should be amazed at the fruit is so good. “Wow, I cannot find this anywhere else, can you tell me how my life can do such amazing things!”

    I believe that Paul described the fruit when he wrote of the fruit of the Spirit. After all, is the spirit not an integral part of this TREE/BRANCH. The fruit we bear is peace, joy, love, kindness, goodness faithfulness. These are all qualities of a life. Our behavior may grow from these qualities, but the behavior is not the quality itself. This may seem like such a small differentiation, but in reality it is important. The fruit that God produces ENABLE us, EMPOWER us and ENCOURAGE us to behave in certain ways. The fruit that God produces in a follower of Jesus is different than the fruit in the life of an atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Shintoist, animist or follower of any other system of religious belief.

    May the fruit we bear be so good, so sweet, so far beyond anything anyone expects to see in life that we have people returning to our tree…and may we take the opportunity presented to tell them about the Tree from whom we draw our very existence and essence.

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