I Need Some Help:

5 thoughts on “I Need Some Help:”

  1. The easiest summation would be “Disciple, Baptize, and Teach”, though I’m not sure if that captures the flavor you’re looking for.

    1. Jason, that’s the one my wife came up with. It’s the most accurate.
      I suppose it could be spun as “DBT” but it looks to much like “doubt” and “debt” lol.

  2. Since you gave me up to 10 words, I will us them all. You know Im not short when Im expressing. lol

    “Baptize and work through Jesus, make followers of all nations.”

    Its important to mention Jesus by name…he is the key to Heaven, you have to be Baptized in his name….your work must be in his name. I felt it very important to keep “make followers of “all” nations” that includes the toughest of challenges in countries where Christianity is forbidden. So its not make followers of who we chooses….but of all people.

    Alright then there you have it….I like that Connect…Grow and Serve theme.

    1. Heidi, thanks for chiming in. You make a very important point. Jesus can’t be left out of it.

      Good thoughts and thanks again. Share my blog here and let’s see what others have to say.

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